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Industrial wastes ZERO!! Eco-friendly calenda

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Industrial wastes ZERO!! Eco-friendly calenda

│ Description │

Industrial wastes ZERO!! Eco-friendly calendar The Eco-Friendly Calendar is a desk calendar
that does not use a ring to connect calendar papers in order to pursue 0 % industrial wastes.
Instead of using a ring, papers can be inserted or even taken out through PP (polypropylene)

│ Feature │
- Developed an "A" shaped tripod rather than a "V" shaped a normal desk calendar
A normal tripod folds through a middle line that helps it to fold from the bottom to top as a "V" shape.
Reversely however an eco-friendly calendar has a tripod which folds from the top to bottom as a "A" shape

-Eco- friendly calendar without a ring

·The edge of an eco-friendly calendar consists of PP (polypropylene)
that can insert papers from the top to bottom
not like a normal desk calendar
which has a ring to turn the pages.  

- Eco- friendly calendar can be recycled for many years
"Waste 0 % Eco Friendly Desk Calendar" can be recycled by purchasing
new calendar papers that suit the size of the calendar from a shopping mall.

- Keep a picture or award/commendation as a frame

Can keep it as a picture frame for a picture or award/commendation (certificate, degree)

│ Function │

│ Specification │

Material: PP (polypropylene)
Paper: Art paper or mink paper (made ​​to order) It can be changed according to the specifications of buyers.
Size: 260X190 (L), 110X150 (M)
Color: It can be made in a variety of colors.

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Industrial wastes ZERO-- Eco-friendly calenda

Industrial wastes ZERO-- Eco-friendly calenda