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kickstand with 50 % lower price

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kickstand with 50 % lower price

│ Description │

Produce a kickstand with 50 % lower price than that of a normal kickstand 
Reduction of its production process resulted to reduce 50 % of the actual price for a kickstand plate. We can produce a calendar kickstand plate with a half of its normal production process via our patented process which causes to make a calendar with a highly competitive price.

│ Function │

Developed an "A" shaped tripod rather than a "V" shaped a normal desk calendar

A normal tripod folds through a middle line that helps it to fold from the bottom to top as a "V" shape.
Reversely however
the Eco-friendly Calendar has a tripod which folds from the top to bottom as a "A" shape

50 % lower price than that of a normal kickstand 
It can be produced with less than 50 % of a normal price through a production process,
 raw material, and etc. Apparently it helps to minimize the budget of making a calendar
from a public institution or enterprise. (Highly competitive price)  

Utilize it as a frame calendar 
Can utilize its function as a frame for a picture or award/commendation (certificate, degree) rather than use it as a calendar

│ Specification │

Material: Coloured paper (Mink or black) basis weight over 300G
UV lamination available
Paper (Art paper or Mink): (Customize) Can be customized by the order of buyer
Size: Offer any size that buyer requestsColor: Any color is available

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kickstand with 50 - lower price

kickstand with 50 - lower price